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Trench Shoring Company For over 30 years TSC has valued the Stassines Cross team for their responsiveness and commitment, helping us grow from 2 locations to our current 10. We know our company brand is in good hands. Anaheim Clinical Trials A primary strategy for us is to obtain participants for our clinical research trials to advance drug studies. Stassines Cross works closely with our team to plan and purchase TV commercial media, and produce our commercials. Their well-rounded capabilities have delivered qualified participants, making us one of the top producing facilities in the country. Society of American Mosaic Artists Since 2007, Stassines Cross has masterfully executed the production of two of our publications and a promotional media package that showcases our prestigious annual mosaic art exhibition. Their interest in our artist’s success and focus on best representing our medium has greatly contributed to the growth and sustainability of our organization as well as our reputation for professionalism within the worldwide mosaic art community. Stassines Cross is a true partner that thoroughly understands our strategies. They bring fresh ideas to the mix and don’t just echo what we present. The result is that World Stroke Campaign has been able to expand our reach and impact with our user friendly website. World Stroke Campaign

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